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could you guys please follow my new hot band members blog pls?

Anonymous asked: can I have a Danisnotonfire imagine where I am his best friend and one day I go over to his and phil apartment to hang out, and he just keeps flirting with me in a cute way and asks me out, and phil thinks it's gross yet adorable? SuperFluffy please?


Sure hun! :)

Here goes:

Reader’s POV:

One day, I was headed over to my best friend, Dan’s flat. We were gonna hang out and watch movies and pig out on snacks. 

"Oh my gosh! WHattt?!" I shouted, surprised by what happened on the movie.

"Right?! What were the writers thinking?" Dan responded.

We both had a laugh at how ridiculous we sounded. Eventually, the movie ended and we started another. This time it was a horror film. I got really freaked out in the middle of it and Dan grabbed at my hand and I hid my face in his shoulder.

"Shh…it’s just a movie. You’re okay." he said, rubbing my back comfortingly.

I look up at him, and shake the hair out of my face. 

"I know, it was just really freaky, dude." I smile back.

"Oh puhleese, I’ve seen worse than that!" he said.

"Only because you’re the freak from the internet!" I retorted.

"Hey, you take that back!"


Suddenly, Dan tackled me and tickled me furiously. We both broke out into a fit of giggles and gasps.

Eventually, he stopped and we were face-to-face, smiling and staring.

And then, he leaned down and kissed me. The kiss was slow and soft. I felt like a thousand fireworks were exploding in my chest.

When he finally pulled away, we both looked at each other in surprise. That is, until we heard an “Ewww, you guys!” from across the room.

We both turned to see Phil standing there, expression torn between disgust and admiration.

Phil left and went to the kitchen yelling back, “I’m gonna get some snacks, no one get married while I’m gone!”

I laugh to myself and look back at Dan.

"Tomorrow, can I please take you on a proper date?" He smiles at me, hopefully.

"I’d like that," I smile back.


A/N: Thanks for requesting! :) Hope you enjoyed!

Anonymous asked: Hey do you do ships?


I could. But this is a fluffy het blog. Haha is that okay? :)




should I start writing again?

do you guys want this blog to come back?

hey guys. so i’ve been sorta AWOL with this blog and i’m sorry. i’ve been considering adding some other people as admins to help me out. would anyone want to be an admin?


so what
if teenage girls
like to
type like this
with deep words
and feelings
and call it
it helps them
and find a creative
and is not
hurting you
so stop
being a dick
to them

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hands are so weird. they are just one big meat stump with five little mini meat stumps attached.

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Jsyk most of those posts I just reblogged were meant to be on my personal blog but I’m too lazy to fix them so whatever 


Is it me or do Brendon Urie and Moriarty look similar at times

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